HOMEMADE SPA: Dry Hair treatment / Tratamiento para cabello seco



As I mentioned in the last post, my grandma told me what should I use for my dry hair and it was olive oil, so I started looking for homemade hair treatmens that includes olive oil and other ingredients that where easy to find in my kitchen and I found the next treatment that I’m doing it once a week.  I’m feeling the benefits

Como mencioné en la entrada anterior, mi abuela me dijo que debería usar para mi cabello seco y era aceite de oliva; así que comencé a buscar tratamientos caseros que incluyeran aceite de oliva y otros ingredientes que fueran fáciles de encontrar en mi cocina y encontré el siguiente tratamiento que lo hago una vez por semana. Y estoy sintiendo los beneficios

Materials / Materiales


  • 5 tbsp olive oil / 5 cucharadas de aceite de oliva
  • 1 egg yolk / 1 yema de huevo

Instructions / Instrucciones


1. Add to the egg yolk the olive oil
1. Agrega a la yema de huevo el aceite de oliva.

2. Mix all ingredients until they become one.
2. Mezcla los ingredientes hasta que se conviertan en uno.

eggwhite-and-oliveoil-hair-treatment3.Once you have the mix apply evenly tol your scalp
3. Una vez tengas la mezcla aplicala por todo tu cuero cabelludo 


4. Put on a shower hat or a plastic bag and wait 20 minutes.
4. Usa un gorro de baño o una bolsa plastica y espera 20 minutos.

5. After 20 minutes wash your hair with yout usual shampoo.
5. Despues de los 20 minutos lava tu cabello con tu shampoo usual.

Benefits / Beneficios

Olive Oil / Aceite de oliva

Good for split ends,  dandruff, gives more shine to your hair, makes it silky
Bueno para las puntas abiertas, resequedad (caspa), le da a tu cabello mas brillo, lo hace mas suave.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/olive-oil-kitchen-cupboard-beauty.html#ixzz2MxVs8Eju

Egg Yolk / Yema de huevo 

“The yolk, rich in fats and proteins, is naturally moisturizing”.
La yema de huevo es rica en grasas y proteinas y es un hidratante natural

Read more: Homemade Hair Treatments – At Home DIY Hair Treatments – Woman’s Day


2 responses to “HOMEMADE SPA: Dry Hair treatment / Tratamiento para cabello seco

  1. You could also try coconut oil: start massaging the scalp with coconut oil, and spread it from the roots to the ends. Keep it there for about half an hour, or more, if you have time. And then wash your hair as usual. The result is shiny detangled healthy looking hair 🙂
    I know this method from my cosmetician and I tried it several times, having the same results.

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